Proposal for artwork, new metro station in Oslo, 2012. Three Oslo based artists were commissioned by Oslo Public Transport to design proposals for artworks for the planned new metro station at Ensj√ł, Oslo.

(The sketches are hand cut coloured tracking paper) Glass frieze 60cm x 150m and 5m x 150m glass ceiling structure above both platforms. Ceramic digital print on laminated safety glass, printed on several layers of glass for three dimensional effect. Back lit. Stainless steel fence, welded three dimensional branch structure. Theme: the diverse landscapes and buildings in the vast zone that stretches between the urban core of the big city and the forest that encircles Oslo. This zone 'land inbetween' - Mellomlandet- is characterized by it's often seemingly unplanned structure and conflicting mix of of industry, commerce, housing, infrastructure and transport. This landscape has it's very own iconography.

Platform glass roofs panel, back lit. 60x120cm