Instructions of use and maintenance

The veneer used in the Cathrine Kullberg Lighting's products are from natural wood. The veneers are specially made for our products, and they are all of 1st grade quality.

Most of the veneers are two layered, (the white ash version is one layered, laminated with fine, white paper backer). The veneer goes through a mechanical flexing process, which makes it bendable. The material is then coated with a solvent free coating, to offer a degree of protection of the wood and to large extent, the wood colour. We wish to mention, that wood is a 'living' material, and it will behave slightly differently under various circumstances - humidity and exposure to sunlight. Please be aware that exposed to direct and intens day light, the veneer can be slightly 'tanned' by the sun, like all wood - and skin - will be. We recommend not to place your lamp in window posts exposed to strong direct sun light. A good advice is to rotate your lamp now and then to expose the shade evenly to sunlight.

We hope you will be pleased with your product, it is made with caring hands, in the world's most wonderful, living materials.


Do not apply liquids to the wood veneer. Careful dusting.
Be careful not to expose your wood veneer products to strong direct sun light for longer periods of time.
Do not let the products near open flame.
Light source: Max 60W for the pendant lamps. Please use an energy saving lamp source, to take care of our environment. For the large pendant, a large sized globe bulb is recommended.